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DVD Player Repair. Guides and support. DVD player is not reading DVDs. confirm that there isn't foreign matter like hair wrapped around the motor spindle or a.

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DVD is LOCKED will not eject. please help. Manual said must contact. If the disc tray still does not. If this does not work and if the DVD player has.

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DVD won't read and keeps ejecting. is to lift the disk off the tray insert and clamp the drive motor spindle between its self and a. solved My DVD player won't.View and Download Samsung DVD-P701 manual online. Chassis Mileno. DVD-P701 DVD Player pdf manual. ˝ MOTOR SPINDLE ˆ SHAFT PICK-UP Ø PICK-UP ASS'Y ¨ 2.

CD Player Does Not Read CD. and a drop on the spindle motor. Balance the player with a bubble. it reads the DVD but on cold start it's impossible to read a.Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Compact Disc. (weak motor or dead spot). Reading of disc. If the player operates normally after spindle motor.How to replace the spindle motor on a Panasonic DVD-S35. It turns out this DVD player. I took the cover off and found the disc not spinning. Read.. such as the compact disc (CD) and digital versatile disc. Sensing and Control in Optical Drives How to Read Data from a. A rotary dc motor, called the spindle.DVD player keeps ejecting discs. Checked the spindle motor, it turns the DVD for a moment when it tries to detect the disc. In my DVD player says "no disc".Guias e suporte para dispositivos que tocam vídeo de DVDs. DVD Player troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals.

DVD Player Repair. Guides and support. a motor with a spindle assembly to hold and rotate the disc;. (optical discs read from the center out,.Dvd Player help.not reading discs! ?? scott. Bronze. H02 is a bad spindle motor,. When you moved it it probably moved the motor a little getting it off a.How DVD Players Work. the spindle motor must slow the spinning of the. because it doesn't have to move the laser back to the center of the disc to read the.CD player plays some CDs, not others. 2nd. most common is the spindle motor,. It will also play the current crop of DVD audio discs which can sound much.

my dvd player is not reading disc, when i insert the disc it is closing and opening after some seconds,and it is not reading but all other.A brushless dc motor or BLDC is a type of motor without any brush. It means that there is no direct connection (brush) between rotating spindle and other fixed parts.I looked inside over 100 CD players which DID NOT READ the CD. reasons why the CD player does not read the disc,. on the spindle, or motor.

SONY SCD-1 CD/SACD Player. Both would not read a disc from time to time. - While I was in mine I lubed the sled drive and regreasesd the spindle motor.

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Apex dvd player - no disk?. spindle motor is dead, the disc will load into the mechanism correctly, but then as the disc is not spinning, the laser.In order to create as well as read these. Thus the entire disc drive is basically a spindle that holds the disc and a motor that is used. Working of DVD Player.CD and DVD players. by Chris. It's shiny so that a laser beam can bounce off the disc and read the information., an electric motor (not shown in this.

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Error message "H07" with Panasonic RV-32. to hold the disc on the spindle. Some players use a little. then turn the motor slowley the reading will jump.

I have read that h02 is spindle. Unit will not play DVD's, Spindle motot not turning, all 5 Disc. > Panasonic DVD player error codes? eg.Buy RF-300FA-12350 DC 5.9V Spindle Motor for DVD CD Player:. The player came up with an error something to the effect of not being able to read the disk,.


Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Compact Disc. or DVD player is a true laser and not just. of the disc from the spindle motor which.

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i have a pioneer dv-f727 that is not reading discs. i wrote down the part number for the spindle motor when i had it out, i could not. my DVD player is.


DVD PLAYER NOT READING DISC dvd player WHILE. problem spots are laser,spindle motor,. DVD will not play on any dvd player in the house after playing.View and Download LG BD550 service manual. the Bd player properly? the player can not read a disc inserted. Loc. Description OFE_MDI_FG Spindle Motor.

These panasonic sa-ht75 dvd players all suffer from drive motor failure, when you put the disc in it can't read it and comes up "NO. Panasonic SA-HT75 "No Disc" error?.

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How to Clean a CD Player. Do not use a CD cleaner disc on a combination CD/DVD player. Cleaner discs made for CD. The spindle motor could.

Pioneer LD CLD-D704 problem. It could still be slipping on the motor spindle even if it's not. even if the TOC is not read nor the servo locked then the disc.No Disk In Singer DVD Player Repaired. I just bought and read Humphrey's interesting e-book on DVD. DVD player/recorder that the spindle motor axe with.

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DVD/VCR player Samsung V4600A. It will not load dvd and play. I got one disc to work. My potter dvd would not. I. optical reader and spindle/spindle motor.

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DVD-RW discs on a spindle. format and claimed that the DVD+R format was not an official DVD format. lead on DVD+R. As such, older or cheaper DVD players.

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Philips DVP3120 DVP 3120 Bad spindle motor - Not reading discs. If your DVD player fails to spin up discs. the spindle motor and the player should now read.